Hourly Rate: $16 – $20 (Fixed Pay – Booked or Unbooked Teaching Slot)
Full Attendance Bonus: $1 
Half Year Bonus: $300

Teach English online to our Chinese students. It’s easy!

1. Register for free and create a Profile to get approved!
2. Next step is Interview.

Apply only on this link 👉 http://www.hioffer.com/landing?f=15

*Please tick both ONLINE & ENGLISH TEACHER / CLASSROOM IN CHINA as the students are in a classroom set up but you will be teaching them online.

HEADS UP: Be ready of the ff:

1) 120 – 150 words self introduction
2) Profile photo (close-up and professional)
3) Video Introduction (can be done later)

Krishianne L.
Skype ID: klopos333

About Hiffer - Wohao

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